July 14, 2014

Destiny's Child

 'Destiny's Child?'

Here, in this art work, I have two characters:  actors, if you will. As in most of my work, the female dominates the stage, so I've put her in the forefront, while the male lurks in the background, a bit player, partly an observer.

Other creatures of the earth fill the void, may it be the dusky dawn or a dusky sunset.

Note on Materials:  Texture and Acrylic colour on canvas  used in the dusky sunset and  in the dusky dawn, in order to distinguish the styles.           


1 comment:

  1. amazing artwork...frankly I'm touched :)
    Although I would love to know the significance of the interchange of puppets in the two paintings, changes in the puppets' movements, does it signify anything?


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