Meet Zena...

Zena Colaco is a young artiste residing in the beautiful coastal town of Mangalore, India.

Zena primarily relies on her own intuition and perception of reality to create art that resonates with every aspect of her being. She is a talented artist and sculptor who works with all kinds of elements, including mixed media, canvas, oil, watercolour and acrylic. She creates unique, one of a kind pieces by using unusual materials like newspapers, screen prints, coins and old pieces of wood. She incorporates pieces from her everyday life to craft unforgettable images and artwork, that is a true treat for all the senses.

Zena has a hearing and speech impairment, but far from holding her back, they act as a source of inspiration and underpin her work. She perceives the world of art and colour differently, relying on her exceptional understanding of the world around her to create images that reflect her depth and exuberance of life and sheer joy, expressed through colour.


  1. Beautiful work, beautiful you! Good luck Zena and next time I am in Mangalore, I would love to get another piece for our house.

  2. Love ur work Zena & sooooo proud of u darling. Keep it up love.

  3. Gorgeous work Zena... It's absolutely amazing!!! The next time we are in Mangalore, it would be an honor for us if you would allow us to have one of your pieces in our home... Keep up the great work!!


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