October 07, 2018

Wheel of Fortune- Kalachakra

Wheel of Fortune- Kalachakra

Birth, Life and death go in a full circle- one succeeding the other like music in a disc pattern.Then, is there a re-birth? As fish or foul,or maybe a beast? So be careful now, the creature you trample upon may conceal a soul.

Note on Materials : Blocked printing and Oil on Canvas framed.

August 15, 2018

At the Village Hearth

At the Village Hearth

The artist captures the expectant mood of the village woman preparing the evening meal at her Chula.

Note on Materials: Mixed drawing art on Sketch paper.

March 11, 2018

Days gone by

Days gone by 

This scene was evoked by the artist when she visited a typical water-front village on the shores of Netravati.

Note on Materials: Mural,Transfer and Oil on canvas framed.

View in the Mirror

View in the Mirror

View in the Mirror is a very thought provoking piece of art.
The Artist has placed between two mirrors two women of different ethnicity, a musical instrument and a flock of domestic geese.The message is clear : music and nature know no bounds. The background is beautifully hand-crafted and sets-off the scene well. You may want to sit for a while in front of this art piece.

Note on Materials: Block printing and Oil on canvas framed.

October 03, 2017

Musical Exchange

Musical Exchange

Music and dance are our cultural ambassadors. Because they have no barriers, both the mediums can cut across cultures and unit people . Just as the Kathakali of Kerala can be well appreciated by an European theatre crowd so can a  Russian dance ballet in India.

Note on Materials: Mixed media on Handmade paper with Emboss board.

June 11, 2017

Joyful Frames

Joyful Frames

The nature is at its best when it is seen in harmony with humans and  animals. This is a  photo-frame in the mind-eye of the artist.

Note on Materials :Texture and Acrylic on canvas framed with Double resin quilling frame.

March 24, 2017

Waiting Fisherwomen

Waiting Fisherwomen

It's early morning and two fisherwomen are ready with the days catch at the market. Their happy and upbeat mood tells you that they expect a good return . Anyone for a good bargain?.

Note on Materials: Mural , transfer and Acrylic on Canvas with framed with double mural clay frame.

May 30, 2016


A Splash in the Wild

Egyptian Dancers

I love horses. They represent power of free spirit in nature. I have tried my hand at two situations:

i. A posse of wild galloping horses coming up suddenly on a desert oasis.

ii. a pair of Egyptian desert dancers, all spruced up, on way to a cairo club to entertain clients.

Note on Materials : Acrylic on canvas, with a textured background on a handmade dotted surface.

July 14, 2014

Destiny's Child

 'Destiny's Child?'

Here, in this art work, I have two characters:  actors, if you will. As in most of my work, the female dominates the stage, so I've put her in the forefront, while the male lurks in the background, a bit player, partly an observer.

Other creatures of the earth fill the void, may it be the dusky dawn or a dusky sunset.

Note on Materials:  Texture and Acrylic colour on canvas  used in the dusky sunset and  in the dusky dawn, in order to distinguish the styles.           


March 16, 2014

The Glory of the Yesteryears - Marionette Puppetry

Glory of Marionette Puppetry

Puppetry is an ancient form of  performance. A marionette is a puppet controlled from above using wires or strings.

Puppets have the power to appeal and attract the people of all age groups. The soft puppets are made with cloth and manipulated with hand and fingers. One needs deft fingers for movements, and a ventriloquist's voice to simulate speech.

The visual impact of puppetry is beautiful. And even the audience can participate wholeheartedly with their comments and encouragement. Puppetry needs only a small investment in money, material, manpower, making it perfect for everyone from the casual enthusiast to the professional puppet master, who can enthrall their audiences with fantastic stories and theatre. 

So is puppet theatre a dying art? Yes, it probably is. In this new age of technology- mobile phones, high speed internet, instant gratification... who has the time to enjoy a slow paced art? Lifestyles have changed rapidly that many of our traditional crafts and hobbies have been forgotten.

Tell me what you think. Are we too old for the joy of puppetry? Can it ever make a comeback, or is it forever doomed to be one of those pursuits that we look back on with nostalgia, and a sigh of 'those were the days?

Note on Materials: Two mixed media pieces on paper are used to illustrate. Mediums used are pencils, charcoal, colored pencils and ink pen.