January 16, 2014

Welcome to 'The Sound of Colour'

Hello, and welcome to my website, 'The Sound of Colour'. I hope you enjoy your tour around, and don't forget to check out my gallery of work.

Why is my website called 'The Sound of Colour'?  As an artist, I primarily rely on my intuition and perception of the world around me. For me, these are my guiding lights. As you know, I am hearing and speech impaired. But that is not what defines me. It is part of who I am, but not my entirety. In the solace of my silence, I feel the music of colour and light, which feeds my dreams and my soul, and guides my art.

I want you to feel the emotions that I feel when I paint. I want you to see the world through my eyes. I want you to hear the silent music that I hear. Through my art, I want to let you into my world.

And I hope that you will join and cheer me along on my journey through this world of colour, light, dreams and magic... 


  1. Tôi rất thích bạn và tôi yêu những gì bạn đã làm!

  2. Zena you the best!!!! Excellent job with the blog.... LOVE IT!!!! :)

  3. WOW! Awesome stuff Zee ... well done! So proud of you! Here's wishing you unlimited success always!!

  4. Amazing works and blog Zena . Wish you all the best , let the inspiration and the The Sound of Colour keep flowing . Your works inspires other artists. Proud of you Zena .


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