February 18, 2014

Hope Rises Eternal

Hope Rises Eternal

According to the way I feel, it is music, above anything else, that connects people in their dark days and gives them hope. Great composers and musicians have sustained the human spirit throughout history. From Beethoven, to Paul McCartney musicians have played an important role in our lives. Music is the background to our lives, be it the rhythmic tapping of a woodpecker, or the singing of birds, or the honking of horns outside our houses. Everything had rhythm, and though I am not able to hear it, I can feel it in my very being, in my very soul.

Don't get me wrong, I feel sad when I cannot partake in this nectar of the soul; whereas even the birds of this earth are free to indulge in it. But its part of who I am, and I have accepted it. I love that I can still use colour to depict my understanding of music. These pieces are called 'Hope Rise Eternal' to showcase this yearning of part of my soul.

Note on materials: two mixed media on paper are used similar to small pieces of collages and then  painted on with brilliant colours.

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