January 25, 2014

Imagine of Art

I call this piece, 'Imagine of Art'

This piece is a mixed media piece, and it is special to me. It was a gift to my younger brother. My younger brother is like a gift to me, and I painted this to show him how special he is to me.

The young woman in this piece is playing the didgeridoo. My brother loves this instrument and owns several of them, so this was the inspiration for my work. The young woman in this painting feels her words come out like pebbles in the sand. She feels beautiful, and dreams of freedom and music.  

This piece is a dreamscape, and it came to me as a dreamlike inspiration. I love the visions in the sky, festival kites, shells and  pieces of coin... floating in the calmness of the night and denoting the happiness that my brother finds when he plays his didgeridoo. 

Notes on Materials: This is a clay and acrylic painting on wood. I used bright colours like  blue, pink and violet in the sky to underline it's vibrancy and dreamlike texture. I also used texture in the form of sand, coins and shells.

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